Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Behind the scenes | Talia White Photography | Forget me not

Evening all, I'm getting excited because I can not wait to show you Talia White's pictures in a few weeks time from a photoshoot I had with her a couple of weekends ago, when the sunshine was beaming and the flowers where out in full bloom. For now I'm afraid you'll have to make do with my behind the scenes photography.

Inspired by all things floral and festival-ish I especially made this floral 1950's inspired dress for the shoot, which we ended up planning three times in all due to thunder storms and downpours. It always seems to be the way when you have fun things planned for the weekend. The floral head bands which perfectly complimented the print, were from the talented Rouge Pony and was beautifully modelled by the gorgeous Rachel Bowler. Her flawless makeup was done by MAU talented Sian Revill.

I always have so much fun on photoshoots, I get to meet and work with an amazing group of creatives and genuinely nice people. 

As always thanks for stopping by and I'll see you on the next one


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Monday, 14 July 2014

Mondays Outfit Wishlist 001

Lurex Top; Topshop £24
Leather Look Skorts; Zara £16
Sliders; Topshop £45
Weave Detail Bag; Asos £45
Fish Bone Anklet; Esty £16
Dove Heart Necklace; Reo Jewels £85
Cluster Hoop Earing; Reo Jewels £195
Crow Beak Pendant; Reo Jewels £195
I'm really bored of my wardrobe at the moment and really want to make my style more grown up. I really love what is out on the high street also, just need to have some sort of lotto win to buy it all....I can dream....

As you can see by my outfit wishlist I have a new favourite jewellery designer, Reo Jewels. I'm obsessed! Also loving the skater looking clothing that is out there. When I was a teen (making myself sound really old now) this was my favourite way to dress, this style has defiantly become more refined and grown up as I have. So it is the perfect look for me.

I really am beginning to realise less is more. My wardrobe has suddenly become unmatched and is looking like a jumble sale, I hate it. Haa haa.....

So more outfit inspos are to come...

Betsy xo

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lingerie and Taxidermy

Model; Raven Lenore
Lingerie by Persephone Corsetry
Jewellery by Reo Jewels

New work, collaboration with two amazing designers Persephone Corsetry, Reo Jewels and gorgeous model Raven Lenore. This shoot was inspired by an old Angelina Jolie photoshoot set in a bathroom I seen on Pinterest or google. I not 100% sure but if you go to my Pinterest the picture is there to see. I'm not sure who the original photographer was so if anyone knows comment below :)

The photoshoot was styled and shot by myself, I feel really lucky to work with some amazing people again. I love all of their work. Lou Watson who label is Persephone Corsetry beautifully hand makes all of her lingerie and she specially made this set for this photoshoot, what a absolute babe. Reo Jewelss aka Rebecca Onyett also lovingly hand makes all her jewellery. I especially love the Dove heart necklace which was cased from an actual Doves heart. Reo makes all her jewellery cast from animal parts, such as bones, claws and teeth. I love the glamour of her taxidermy talents.

I really wanted Raven to model as I have worked with her before and she is just a dream to work with, always on time and works with you to achieve great images. I also love the fact she is a burlesque dancer so she has amazing posture and is not afraid to be seen in beautiful lingerie.

Hope you like them, be great to get any photographers opinions. Maybe some nice friendly tips :) 

Thanks for reading. 

Betsy xo

Thursday, 1 May 2014

My Work from Shoot with Rococo Imaging

Photography: Me

Hey guys, hope you are all ok and keeping busy.

I can not believe how many bank holidays we have had, it has been great. Todays post is featuring my own photography work from my photoshoot with Rococo Imaging and Lou Watson Designs. Her corsets have are being modelled by the lovely Louise Marshal, and her beautiful makeup was done by Emma Borley. This shoot taken place in the easter holidays at Beacon Hill in Leicester, I have only just got round to being happy with my editing....

Even if I do say so myself I am pretty pleased with these pics, they are in focus (for a change) and even though my editing is not perfect I feel I haven't done a terrible job. I'm constantly learning new skills in photography at the moment, I have also discovered Adobe Lightroom. Why oh why I never got this program before I do not know, ha haa. It is amazing, makes editing so much easier...

Please comment below with comments and any tips (nice ones please :D), hope you like todays post.

See ya soon

Betsy xo

Monday, 21 April 2014

Behind the scenes | Rococo Imaging

Photographers | Rococo Imaging
MUA | Emma Borley

It is amazing you can live some where all your life and never go to the places that are so close to you. On Saturday I had the such a fun day at Beacon Hill in Leicestershire, a beautiful country park full of trees, an old volcano, rocks and lot of cows. The whole day I was impressed by its beauty and can not believe at 27 years of living in leicester this was my first ever visit.

I had spent the day with some amazingly fun people, designer Lou Watson whose Persephone collection was being model by the wonderful Louise Marshall and shot by photographers Rococo Imaging, and talented MUA Emma Borley. This turned out to be a great team to be apart of, we just had fun whilst trying to achieve so great pictures. There was rock and tree climbing , cow pat dodging and plenty of spar of the moment outfit alterations going on.

I think that my pictures for behind the scenes say it all, Louise was stunning and a pleasure to work with as was everyone else. Keep a look out for my next two blogs post featuring more pictures from this day, Rococo Imaging's photos and also what I taken. 

As always hope you enjoyed, comment, share and don't forget the click to link to see all these lovely peoples pages and other work.

Thanks for reading

Betsy xo

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