Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Polka Dot's and Leather

Shirt- Topshop, Skirt-Vintage, Belt-Vintage, Collar Tips- Vintage

Tartan crock leather belt-Vintage

Collar Tips- Vintage

Spiked Boots- Topshop

Like my hair? Click on this link to see the a tutorial 

Hello, right I thought I'd start up a new blog showing what I like to wear and how I like to wear it. I think I will also blog about my favourite hair tips, vids and other hair related things........I might do make up things as well but I'm not that much of a expert so it may just be a few. 

My first blog is me posing in front of my flashy camera looking rather awkward as i have still to master the whole self portrait, take a picture of selfie thingy.........I'm wearing a Polka Dot shirt from Topshop Tall (as I am a giant), Vintage leather pencil skirt and Topshop Spike Boots. I have accessorised with just some collar tips which I do not remember where I brought from, but you will soon learn I put them on any shirt I wear. Oh also my vintage tartan belt. They are my fav's. 

Hope you like :/

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