Tuesday, 6 August 2013

River Island dreams list

Hi, long time no see. Unfortunately I have been without any internet for around 4 weeks and it has felt like forever.....

I did not realise how much I would miss being able to go on the interweb, I LOVE having internet and I will never want to loose it again.......

OK so that's my swoon over for the internet, now onto my next swoon or swoons. I'm a bit poor at the moment as I have just moved house (hence internet problem) so as you do, just to make myself feel even more skint. I have been window shopping as such, I thought I'd celebrate having internet by showing you all the things I want to buy from River Island.

I'm loving their clothing range at the moments, the pieces I have chosen I would love to wear with my patient DrM's to give them that edgy cool styling.

There all under £50 as well so maybe I could treat myself to one ;b


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