Friday, 8 November 2013

Corset and Lingerie Maker Lou Watson


Today I would like to tell you all about a lingerie designer I met a few weeks ago on a photoshoot, her name is Lou Watson and she makes the most beautiful corsets and lingerie sets.

Louise has only just graduated and is really making the most of the press she got from her collection 'Persephone' being on London Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court. Since her collection was modeled on the catwalk in London it has been sent to Ning Bo in China to be shown off in one of there fashion catwalk shows. Next on the list is Brazil for the 2014 Football, so boys don’t just keep you eyes on the game as you are in for a treat.

Taking her inspiration from visiting cities, churches, castles and sketching she will develop a new and interesting idea to create her designs. Her main inspiration mainly comes from stories; this is where Louise likes to develop designs that reflect a character personality from a story based on scenes from which they are written, by changing the conventional image of that character to something more unusual.

Sometimes though it can be just the fabrics she has chosen. If she ever struggles for an idea she will go to jeweler shops and fabrics stalls to spur a new idea. Making her design process develop more naturally.

There is so much work that goes into each of her designs, as they are all handmade with hand sewn beaded embellishment’s and lace creating a really luxe finish to her product. As they are so detailed it can take hours. Louise also takes commissions which makes her lingerie even more special as they are bespoke and made to measure, it is very rare to see such quality corset’s being made to fit their buyer.

I am in love with lou’s work and think that every pieces is beautiful, I really do think she has a great future ahead and has already begun to book commissions, think I need to get in quick before she get booked up……..

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Betsy Olive


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