Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Fashion Photographer Talia White

Model 1 | Rebecca Fisher 
Model 2 | Hannah Gardner 

Clothing | Top Banana TOO 
Hair | Joshuaa Shaun 
Assistant | Alice Martin Smith 

Model | Bekah Baller

Shot for Dandy Hair Designs 
Model | Samantha M Alison 
Hair | Daniella Rhodes 
MUA | Preeti Bains  

Model | Ashleigh Holder 
Model | Jade Eleanor  
MUA | Jade Crean 

Model Bekah Baller 
MUA | Kat Green

Shot for Top Banana Vintage 
Model | Melissa Walton 
Hair | Daniella Rhodes 

MUA | Jade Crean 
Stylist | Zoe Louise King
Assistant | Alice Martin Smith

Today’s blog features a very talented fashion photographer Talia White, her images are dreamy and have a really cool edge. They are so pretty; Talia has a real talent of getting the best image out of a model.

I thought I’d pester her for some information as to how and why she got into photography so I could share her story with you :D, so this is what I found out……….

Talia is based in Birmingham and originally started photography at 16 whilst studying her BTEC in Art at Solihull College, it was not until one of her tutors guided her through a photography project that Talia began to consider herself as a photographer. Inspired my her early childhood memories of her granddad and farther always taking professional pictures as a hobby, Talia began to practice taking pictures of her family and friends in her sisters garage which she converted into a studio. It was when she completed a fashion photography project she thought ‘Wow, this is it, this is what I want to do’. Everyone around her really liked her work and so she never has looked back.

Her main inspiration comes from vintage imagery, the tones and the grain, as they tell more of a story and creates a mood, even though sometimes she don’t use textures Talia really likes the overall feel that they give to an image. Talia say’s that she prefers her images to look a lot cooler as oppose to over saturated and warm. Her style mainly comes together during post production, this is really when her own techniques and style comes together.

Talia has had the opportunity to shoot for some great fashion brands such as RedRock Fashion, Top Banana Vintage, Vintage apparelSharper Millinery, Rouge PonyDancing Dolls and livin life. She has also photographed for hair dresser Dandy Hair Design and xfactor 2011 contestant James Micheal. She has had her work featured in many magazines some of which being Photography Monthly Magazine, Elle and Vogue. She has done so much more then I have mentioned go to her website to see what els she has done

As always hope you like her work, comment, share and be inspired


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