Monday, 20 January 2014

SS14 Colour Trends

Hi guys, how was the weekend? I did not go out in the end so I'm going to save my Sequin Dress Down post part two for you all to see soon.....

Even though it's a bit early too, I thought I'd do a spring clean insted. Oh my, I had a lot of rubbish, my wardrobe has well and truly been cleared out, and man it feels amazing. I did not stop there, I also forced my boyfriend to help me clear out the rest of the house too. Tidy house, tidy mind an all that, ha ha.

Don't worry I did manage to find time to take some pictures of an outfit I did wear this weekend of me wearing joggers and a tee ;b......Joke! Be sure to pop back to see though :)

Anyways for now I thought I'd share one of my moods boards I have done for work, I'm hoping to post you one or two of these a week just to help give you an idea of what to wear in SS14. This week is Colour, we are already starting to see some of these colours on the highstreet which is great for building our wardrobes up ready.

My favourites colours are the chalk pastels in violets, pinks, blues and mints. These are so fresh and really lift a dreary autumn wardrobe so there is no need to splash out on a whole new wardrobe. All you need is a few key pieces such as a slip dress, strappy tee and an A-line skirt (I'll list more in my future post for key shapes). 

If you prefer more brighter colours for summer then I would buy items in hot pinks and burnt oranges. All of these new colours are well complimented next to navy so if try to avoid black as this can look heavy and wintery. Unless you are wearing monochrome, which is also looking like it is here to stay for another season. I do love monochrome, as its such a classic look.

I will be posting SS14 trend tips over the next few weeks...... Hope this one helps you with you with what colours to buy, let me know in the comment box below if you like to see an outfit post showing how to wear these colours. 

I'm also on other social networking sit so go check me out, ha haa, that sounds a little self obsessed, but yeah, please do :) link below.



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