Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Posh Boiler Suit

Jumpsuit : Topshop | Biker Waist Coat : Oh My Love +Topshop  | Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell (ebay)
Turquoise Ring : Primark | Gold Midi Rings : H&M
 Triangle Earring : Primark | Nano Solitaire Earrings : Vivienne Westwood

Hi guys, well I have been sale shopping.....Yes, yes I was spoilt at christmas but I can not resist a bargain and this jumpsuit is no exception. I love how it is like a boiler suit yet tailored, if that makes any sense to you at all. -_- I know what I mean......

The jumpsuit I am wearing is from the Topshops Boutique range and was in the sale for £40.00, I loved this jumpsuit the day it came out but refused to pay £120 as, well I just can not afford to spend that much money on one item. Beautifully made in a nice silky fabric, I can not wait for the weather to warm up a little more as I think this will easily become my favourite wardrobe piece. Amazing it is almost long enough for my 5'10 self, although I still had to turn up the bottom of the leg to hide the fact its is a little short but meh, this is a small minor issue.

I'm going to stop banging on about how much I love my jumpsuit to tell you about another new love I have, my biker style waist coat from Oh My Love. < click this link. It is no longer available on the Oh My Love website but is available on the Topshop website. I really think it toughens up the jumpsuit, dressing it down to be more suitable for day time. 

My shoes are Jeffrey Camballs which I brought from a seller on ebay brand new, I really wanted these slipper style shoes when they came out but never manage to get them in my size. I was so happy to get them from ebay for as little as £10.50. Just goes to show that searching through ebay really is worth the time.

I'm really into wearing lots of rings at the moment, I love mixing hippy style rings with midi rings. The turquoise gold ring was from Primark and the gold midi rings was from H&M, who have a really good jewellery range at the moment.

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Mucho Love


  1. Love your jewellery! Can't believe the turquoise one is from primark! xoxo

    1. Thank you, I know I just had to get it. Primark have some little treasures sometimes xo

  2. your accessories are to die for, the gold ring with the blue stone is amazing, no way is that primark haha x

  3. loved the outfit so much, you look so unique in these overalls, and details with leather vest work perfectly together. Perfect!

  4. those shoes are so gorgeous! i had no idea you could find jeffrey campbell for so cheap on ebay.


  5. Adore those flats!!



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