Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Styling for Folly House Photgraphy

Sunglasses (simular linked): H&M | Peter Pan Collar Top (simular linked): New Look
Flower Hair Clip : Models Own | Butterfly Hair Clips: Flutter Designs
Original Vintage 1960s Dress : Betsy Olive Vintage (coming soon)
Monochrome Dress : New Look, linked similar from Love Pink Boutique
Playsuit : Models Own | Tartan Mint Jacket : Betsy Olive Vintage (coming soon)

Model | Natasha Vernon
MUA | Kelly O'Dell
Photography | Folly House Photography
Hey guys, how was your weekend? I have just had the most busiest weekend since xmas. Can not wait to show you all what I got up too. This week I am going to post a little more than I usually do so hope you like everything I have done :D

Firstly I would like to share with you some work by Folly House photography, I was asked to style for this shoot almost a week before chrimbo. I know, I know that was ages ago now but I wanted to include some of the photos taken by Folly House for you to see (as mine are quite bad :/ )

The model used for this shoot is called Natasha and she is just the cutest, she really wants to build up her modelling portfolio and get herself a following. If you want you like her facebook page here. I have styled her in a mixture of her own clothes and some vintage items I will be putting up on my ASOS store soon. 

Oh, I got to tell you about the butterflies used in Natasha hair, they are amazing. They are from Flutter Designs  they are made from silk, the lady who makes these print the butterflies onto silk and attach them to hair clips. You could do so much with them, attach them to your curtains, book shelves, put them in your hair or if your cat lets you ;b to their collar (yes I have tried and yes I'm a little sad, ha haa)

Please keep checking back this week as I have the most amazing camera bag I need to share with you all and behind the scenes of a photoshoot I helped style for Jodie Masion. Eek..........

See you all again real soon




  1. These are such lovely outfit combinations, the makeup and the hair really helps set them off too! It must be incredible being able to see the results of your work played out in these beautiful photographs - and I definitely would want to attach the butterflies to my cat's collar..I'm not sure she would appreciate it though, hah! x

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale

  2. Love your blog <3 New Follower


  3. awesome pictures dear ! Would you like to follow each other on GFC and on Bloglovin :) xx


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