Monday, 21 April 2014

Behind the scenes | Rococo Imaging

Photographers | Rococo Imaging
MUA | Emma Borley

It is amazing you can live some where all your life and never go to the places that are so close to you. On Saturday I had the such a fun day at Beacon Hill in Leicestershire, a beautiful country park full of trees, an old volcano, rocks and lot of cows. The whole day I was impressed by its beauty and can not believe at 27 years of living in leicester this was my first ever visit.

I had spent the day with some amazingly fun people, designer Lou Watson whose Persephone collection was being model by the wonderful Louise Marshall and shot by photographers Rococo Imaging, and talented MUA Emma Borley. This turned out to be a great team to be apart of, we just had fun whilst trying to achieve so great pictures. There was rock and tree climbing , cow pat dodging and plenty of spar of the moment outfit alterations going on.

I think that my pictures for behind the scenes say it all, Louise was stunning and a pleasure to work with as was everyone else. Keep a look out for my next two blogs post featuring more pictures from this day, Rococo Imaging's photos and also what I taken. 

As always hope you enjoyed, comment, share and don't forget the click to link to see all these lovely peoples pages and other work.

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